My Opinion of the Star Wars Movies (#2 Attack of the Clones)

This movie, despite having advanced graphics and good actors and great scenes, is ruined by the stupidity of how Anakin slowly becomes Darth Vader. Since nobody bothered to go back to Tatooine to free his mom (guess neither the Jedi Temple nor the Naboo government thought it important to reward the kid who helped end Naboo’s occupation by the Trade Federation), Anakin thus grows up awkward and often reacting poorly to various situations due to not having any parenting. Obi-wan is at best the older brother, but we are not shown how much influence the other jedi were to him, leaving at least me to assume it was solely Obi-wan raising him for most of the time. Obi-wan was obviously not prepared to handle raising a new jedi on his own but he takes up the duty anyway due to his promise to Qui-gon. Anakin himself, when he is not being reckless and adventurous, is creepily stalking Padme and she is disturbed by this. But she falls in love with him because the script said so. We are thus subjected to a poorly written and acted romance which ends in a secret wedding because the jedi don’t allow marriages but are A-OK with sexual relationships. What?!

When the movie focuses on Obi-wan alone, it shows the potential this movie could have as a whole instead of just in his scenes. We follow him to different planets as he uncovers the mystery behind who tried to have Padme killed and the encounters he has. If only the movie was more like this…

The battle on Genosis was cool except when we get to see Anakin being stupid again because he was trained by an inexperienced jedi and now has greater anger issues due to the death of his mother. Also, this battle occurs in the first place due to the jedi taking on the droid armies whilst ignoring the leaders (Only Mace Windu had the right idea to go at the Separatist leaders but there was only so much he could do on his own). And while the fight between Yoda and Dookoo started well, watching Yoda leaping around in the lightsaber duel was just silly to watch.

This movie stinks, but it could have been great if it had another rewrite or two. I truly hate how often this happens and wish people would just take their time when making a movie to listen to people pre-critique the work before it can be finished so that the final work can be amazing or at least decent and not a sad waste of potential. Anakin has obvious mental issues but neither the jedi (esp. his mentor Obi-wan) nor Padme do anything to get him treatment when any sane person would have given him consoling or recommending him a good psychiatrist. But then we wouldn’t have gotten the original trilogy, but this mess could have been avoided had the story been written well!

My Opinion of the Star Wars Movies (#1 The Phantom Menace)

Starting with The Phantom Menace, I consider this to be a mostly good movie though it definitely has its flaws such as adding the midichlorians, Amidala saying that her people were being tortured and mistreated by the Trade Federation but not showing us viewers this happening, nobody going back to Tatooine to free Shmi Skywalker, Yoda not wanting to train Anakin due to him being too “old” (does Yoda prefer training toddlers to be Jedi?) and fearful (young kids who are away from their loving parents tend to express more fear, esp. if on a distant planet; what kind of messed up childhood did Yoda have?), Chancellor Valorum easily being voted out due to the complaints of a queen from a far away planet, Boss Nass rewarding Jar Jar by giving him the rank of general despite Jar Jar being at most an unofficial ambassador and his past of being very clumsy, the Trade Federation not taking precautions when dealing with Sidious such as at least insisting he do business with them by removing his robe hood or recording their interactions with him so that way he could be identified as Palpatine but that would be too much thinking and lead to an even better movie.

For positives I enjoyed the podraces, seeing the new worlds (esp. Naboo with the Gungan city), and I liked the new characters (even Jar Jar, who I feel got undue hate).

All in all a good movie which could have been better if it had a rewrite or two of its script to iron out these flaws.

Google Plus

google_plus_endI miss Google+. If Google hadn’t done that forced merger with all of it’s products just to tie it into Google+, I believe that site would still be around. G+ to me was the best of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and a few other sites. Though it collected user data, it was much less intrusive than Facebook and allowed for a slight bit more anonymity.

To have more privacy and much less data collecting, the best sites are those which are pay-to-use. But if people do not want to pay, then websites are forced to use advertisements or collect data to sell to advertisers. It is thus best for each person to research every potential site and decide for themselves if they want to pay or allow for ads/data collecting. There is currently no other method that I am aware of.

5 Years

Much has happened yet remained the same. I’ve moved a few times, lost the will to cover politics due to the sheer disappointment of it before learning to accept that it is but part of the eternal human struggle. I have discovered that Twitter and Pixiv are better for learning Japanese than anything else I’ve ever used. And through it all I’ve grown as a person. So here’s to me actually being more active on here!

The State of Public Education in the U.S.

The state of public education in the U.S. is in deplorable condition and continues to worsen. Here are the problems as I see them and at the end will be solutions to solve these problems.

Much of what is taught is of little to no use in real life for most people. Trigonometry, algebra, Shakespearean English, etc. have no use for most people as they are not useful for daily basis living nor helpful for most careers. Useful skills such as calculating taxes, knowledge of Greco-Latin roots, critical thinking, and other such skills are rarely taught. Languages being taught are few in number and are often out of date forms of speech or in general do not represent the spoken form. The heavy use of textbooks, which are often out of date, stifles challenging viewpoints and arguments as well as often being cumbersome in comparison to smaller educational books and internet access which from papers may be printed.

Testing is emphasized over actual learning. The memorization of useless facts for tests sponsored by corporations (either directly or indirectly via government influence) so that they make a profit and the school looks good with higher scores whilst actually representing how the student is being turned into an automaton. Those with more creative minds and intellectually curious will thus be stifled and become a. an automaton b. the outcast or worse c. the “autistic/asperger/ADD” student and be forced to use drugs to become even worse than the automaton.

There is the excessive amount of homework given for the student to complete each night. This produces undue amounts of stress and adversely affect a family’s schedule. The student not only feels stress to finish the homework, but they are unable to play with their friends and go outside. Combined with the lack of recess (to be mentioned next), it is no surprise that children are becoming obese.

The fear of lawsuits is prevalent amongst school administrations. Zero-tolerance policies rarely are of true use and are used the most by schools to deflect blame from themselves onto both the perpetrator and the victim of any incident no matter how minor. School playgrounds are torn down or have limited access due to fear of a child injuring themselves and the hysterical parents hiring a lawyer to sue for money.

Lunches are often removed from schools due to schools receiving less money. Many are often forced into businesses with companies which only serve food which is high in fat and sugar. Even worse are when the companies in question are trying to get students addicted to their products. Adding to this is the fact that students must quickly eat and return to classes as well as expected to immediately work despite still digesting their food.

The solutions to all of this are as follows. Teach skills as most useful to real life experiences and allow students to challenge orthodoxy. Be rid of heavy textbooks and adapt smaller books and/or print papers for study from trusted sources from the internet. Teach information that is relevant and up to date. Abolish standardized testing and testing of rote memorization, esp. if the test is based around a text book and instead use ungraded pop quizzes to which students may learn more useful information if they pass the pop quiz and to try again even if they failed: to this extent grade levels should be abolished and classes should not be determined by age. Homework should only focus on short readings with any actual work done in the school itself as in that manner the student not only has free time after school but will also have access to a teacher to help with any given assignment. Zero-tolerance rules should be abolished with the school being more active in solving problems using negotiation and not detentions/suspensions/expulsions/etc. to solve any incidents. More playgrounds must be erected with rules in place so as parents would not be able to sue unless there is no doubt that the school is directly responsible for any injury. School lunches should be paid for by the tax dollars of the community for the benefit of every student. The food to be served should be healthy and organic with minimal fat and sugar. More time should also be given for students to eat and converse as the digestive system is able to function to its best ability and give students the time to relax.

My Return and the U.S. Corporation Problem

Been over two years since anything occurred on here, hence I must post more! This is esp. so as there is more news than before!

Situation in the Middle East is worse with us, once again, entering into Iraq. It is but history repeating itself. Isil* is bad, but to stop them means the people of the region have to fight those terrorists themselves and for Turkey to stop letting foreign fighters cross its borders to join Isil.

Obamacare is not health care but an insurance which only benefits the government and insurance companies at the expense of the taxpayer. Little is truly covered and doctor visits without insurance are much cheaper so long as the patient does not develop anything serious nor work in a dangerous position.

Both labor jobs and even tech jobs are each day shifted over to other countries due to the cheaper labor and easier exploitation so that these CEOs can skim even more money. Our economy is bad due to this. With these jobs gone, and despite even having certification/degrees, Americans continue to get shafted as corporations only prefer more money. To this extent, credit cards should be made illegal as the ridiculous interests rates push Americans further into debt despite the need for food, shelter, water, etc. Continuous involvement in wars, along with insurance companies and government interest in siding with corporations and the Obamacare insurance tax/penalty, further aggravate the situation. If this continues, the U.S. will be reduced to a borderline developing country whilst the corporations which helped to create this will be comfortable overseas.

I will post more as I think of possibilities.

*I refuse to slander the good name of the Egyptian goddess Isis.